Roblox Error Code 267

In Roblox, error code 267 often means that you have been temporarily banned from the game or booted out of a session. It may show up when you are already logged in or when you’re joining a session. 

The error message might show up if the game detects suspicious activity or stops players with unstable internet connections from interfering with other’s gaming experience. Additionally, it also stops someone who is unfairly benefiting or winning in an unfair way from the game. Thus, you’ll probably receive the Roblox error 267 if you’re cheating or trying to cheat others in the gaming session.

How to fix Roblox Error Code 267?

There is no possible fix if you’re facing Error Code 267 in Roblox, although we can identify the root cause of such an error depending on the message given alongside the error code. A few possible solutions are given below.

Wait till the ban is removed:

If the error code 267 along with a warning message about the ban is present, your only option is to wait until the ban is removed. Don’t stress too much, the ban should last up to a few days at the most.

First of all, it’s important to keep in mind the reason why you were banned. If it has to do with conduct during a gaming session, understand the situation and your wrongful conduct to it; Be mindful of not repeating the action. 

Never forget that other players can report you for questionable or wrongful behavior. The following procedures will assist them in identifying the root cause of such a ban and prevent them from facing any such situation in the future.\

Try joining another session 

If you are having trouble connecting to a particular server, try logging into a different public or private session. This will assist you in figuring out whether the problem is with the Roblox client, a specific session, or anything else. If a new session runs smoothly without any problems, this means, the first server you were trying to join is the reason which was causing error 267 to appear. In this situation, we advise to try joining the session after some time i.e. after an hour or two.

Check the connectivity of your internet.

The most common source of “error code 279” could be the connectivity issue with your internet. You could be booted out from the server by the Roblox client if your connection is slow or unstable. This is done so that other players in the session don’t have to compromise with their gaming experience.

Reboot your router first. Next, to know the speed of your network, perform a speed test. Lastly, prefer moving to a location having a more stable Wifi network, wired connection, or mobile data connection if your present area is providing a very slow and unstable network.

Remove Browser Extensions

Before using Roblox, remove any new browser extensions that you may have installed recently. Error number 267 is unlikely to be caused by your new browser or extensions, but it might be occurring due to any extension that blocks scripts or advertisements.

Turn off the Anti-virus software

Try turning off your antivirus software for a while. Although it is unlikely that your antivirus software might cause any issues if Roblox was working perfectly fine previously with the same antivirus software, however, it’s worth giving a try. Don’t forget to reactivate your antivirus software after completing this troubleshooting step.

Create a new Roblox account

The last and the only option left is to create a new  Roblox account. This is more of a workaround than a fix. If you truly can’t wait to play again or if your primary Roblox account is unavailable for more than a few days, you might want to think about making a backup or a temporary account.

Hoping that the above-mentioned fix might have helped you get back to your Roblox gaming experience. If not, try contacting the Roblox customer support to get help with any technical fix needed for the same.

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