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The Roblox Error Code 1001 alerts users to a potential RAID, in contrast to the majority of error codes which are meant to indicate a system or server issue.

The error notice reads “Potential Raid Warning.” We have detected another device in your house. In case you are alone, seek help as soon as possible.”

Another version of it requests that users dial 911 and seek help.

The Roblox Error Code 1001 is a false error code. 

Its fake nature is attributed to the; 

  • Poor grammar;  
  • A caution text suggesting to call 911, something that Roblox would never do; 
  • And the four-digit format of the Error code, while Roblox usually uses the three-digit

Although we have debunked the Roblox Error Code, you still need to put your security and privacy above anything you may find on the web

How to fix Error Code 1001 in Roblox?

 Many gamers worldwide are experiencing problems with Roblox due to error code 1001, however there are a few solutions to resolve the problem.

To fix the Roblox Error Code 1001, try the solutions listed below!

Check the Server Status

Make sure the Roblox server is running smoothly before starting to debug your own PC.

If the server is having problems or is unavailable for maintenance, please wait for it to be restored.

Check your Internet Connection

Make sure your internet connection is fast and stable by checking the connectivity and speed of the internet.

Try rebooting your router by turning it off and then back on or try getting help from your internet service provider if you notice any difficulty.

Adjust Firewall and Security Settings

Check the settings of your security program and firewall to make sure Roblox has the authorization it needs to access the internet.

Error 1001 can also be fixed by turning off Fireball or other security settings while playing the game.

Update your Software

Update your operating system, web browser, and Roblox at regular intervals to the recent versions.

Keeping up with software upgrades helps fix any underlying issues and avoid compatibility problems.


The exact reason for the error code 1001 is unknown. Some say it’s a fake code but some have also encountered the same. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help you with a few basic above-mentioned fixes that might help you get rid of this obnoxious Roblox error code 1001. 

Roblox Error 1001 can disrupt gaming, but understanding its causes and solutions can help overcome it. To maintain uninterrupted gaming in the Roblox virtual world, address server issues, enhance network connectivity, modify security settings, and update your software.

Also, check Roblox Error Code 103

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