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Many streaming devices, such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Blu-ray Disc players, smart TVs, and gaming consoles, are facing the Netflix Error Code UI-800-3.

What Causes Netflix Error UI-800-3?

You may see a notification on your screen saying, “Netflix has encountered an error,” when the service fails. In X seconds, try again, and Code: UI-800-3 is displayed

The Netflix error code UI-800-3 often denotes a Netflix app issue on the device. One possibility is that the app’s cached data has become corrupted.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3?

Refreshing the data on your smartphone is typically the solution to these issues. Reinstalling Netflix, emptying the Netflix app’s cache, and turning off your device are some common fixes for the Netflix code UI-800-3 problem. Given the wide range of devices that error code UI-800-3 can appear on, certain troubleshooting techniques may not work on your particular device. Simply go on to the following recommended fix.

Follow these steps in the order given until the Netflix Error Code UI-800-3 is resolved

Restart your streaming device. 

Restarting your streaming device may be the only way to resolve error number UI-800-3 in some situations. This entails turning off the gadget entirely and then disconnecting it. It can take up to a minute to operate if you leave it unplugged for a while. Make sure to fully shut off your streaming device if it has a sleep mode.

Sign out of Netflix.

Refreshing your data and fixing this problem may sometimes be as simple as logging out of Netflix and back in. You may use the Netflix website to log out of the service if you’re having problems with your device. Navigate to the Sign out all Devices tab in your Netflix account. All of the devices that you linked to your account are now signed out. Each device will require a reconnection or separate sign-in.

Clear the Cache Data in your Netflix App

Clearing locally saved data on certain streaming devices doesn’t need removing the Netflix software. For instance, the system settings on your Fire TV device allow you to delete the cache. If you’re watching Netflix through a browser then close the website and clear the browser’s cached data 

Uninstall Netflix, and then reinstall it. 

You must uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app if it does not offer the ability to remove local data or clear the cache. If cleaning the cache doesn’t resolve the issue, this is also required. The Netflix app is pre-installed on some devices and cannot be removed.

Reset your device. 

The Netflix app may be returned to its original download status by restarting your Fire TV or Roku device. Resetting your Samsung Smart Hub could be necessary if you own a Samsung TV to resolve the error number UI-800-3. Not only Netflix but all of your applications are gone when you reset the Smart Hub. Download those programs so you can use them again. After the reset, if you try to open an app like Netflix and receive a black screen, wait for the download and installation to finish before trying again.

Restart your home network. 

After turning off or unplugging your streaming device, disconnect your modem and router and reconnect them.

Check your streaming device’s DNS configuration. Only the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS3 are covered by this step.

Check with the Netflix Help Center. 

Comprehensive information for resolving Netflix problem UI-800-3 on particular devices may be found on the official Netflix help page.

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